Health and wellbeing

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Health and wellbeing

The environment in which we operate has a direct impact on our health and well-being. Repeated and prolonged exposure to some substances may have long-term consequences. Many substances present in cosmetics and care products are incriminated. Side effects and immediate symptoms are often mild or non-existent, the consequences, when they are less: Increased risk of cancer, accelerated aging of the skin, development of allergies and irritations ... Do the analysis of products of your daily life and check the presence of certain substances in your body. ANALYZE, PREVENT, ACT



  • Cosmetics analysys

    Many substances are regulated or prohibited in cosmetics. We are looking parabens used as a preservative but also the phthalates found in gels and makeup products. Formaldehyde is used in limited and capillary products.

  • E-liquides
  • Kit analyse sur cheveux