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  • Indoor air analysis

    The quality of our indoor air is essential to our health.

    The air in enclosed areas is generally more polluted than outdoor air, while we spend almost 80% of our lives indoor. Paints, household products, coatings, varnishes, candles, are all sources of pollution in our indoor air can cause problems to our health.

    Our laboratory offers test kits to determine if your home contains these pollutants. From a certain concentration can be dangerous to your health and the health of children.

  • Water analysis

    Agriculture, pipelines and our way of daily life have a direct impact on the potability of your water. It was observed that the concentration of pesticides, lead and nitrates in drinking water are too high compared to the standards in force. You are millions to have access to tap water and use everyday. From a certain threshold, the presence of these elements in your network can make the consumption of water unsafe for your health.

    Our laboratory offers kits that allow you to sample your water. After analysis, we send you a detailed report and recommendations to be able to consume your water safely.