Textile and leather analysis

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The clothes we wear contain chemicals that can , beyond a certain threshold, cause concern for your health.

Azo dyes ( dyes components ) , heavy metals (buttons and zippers ) , phthalates ( prohibited in toys ) and formaldehyde are all substance can be allergenic and carcinogenic. They are also mentioned in the list established by the new European legislation (REACH ) . Chromium VI in leather makes this particular debate as it can have adverse effects on our body.

Saliva ( especially in children ) , and transpiration play a role in the vehicle body. Consider that 90% of textiles and leather used in France from Asia and India , countries where regulations are less stringent . These articles do not always have a inspection before being put on the market. This laxity share brands have already sent more than one client to emergencies due to severe eczema .

 Check if the clothes, shoes, bags you wear are dangerous for your health.

Our laboratory offers sampling kits . After analysis, we will send you a detailed, customized report and recommendations to be able to dress yourself in all serenity!

CAUTION: The tests in this category are destructive . It is necessary to perform analyzes for cutting a sample piece .